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*Dead Fish Order Meeting August 6th - Rusty Wessel - Never been to a gathering before? Ask us in person for a 10.00 off ticket to this gathering!


** London Ontario shipping special with Fedex to cover lack of airlines**

*Shipping styrofoam boxes of working order once again we are offering 10.00 credit for each. Please contact us to understand what we are looking for before coming down with them.



- February 15 - New South American Fish

- February 9 - New African cichlids, Rainbow Fish and more

- Febuary 1 - Frozen Foods restocked

- January 31 - New Plants

- January 30 - New South American Fish

- January 30 - New Amazonas - Endler's Livebearers


Our outlet store is open to the public! Hours and how to find us...