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*Dead Fish Order Meeting March 15th - Jeff Cardwell - Peru 2011 and Brazil 2012 - Never been to a gathering before? Ask us in person for a deal on it!

August 30th - Quebec City, London (Ontario), Sault Ste-Marie, Kingston, Windsor, Sudbury, Timmins and North Bay now reduced from 800.00 to 600.00 free shipping status on Air Canada.


*FISH SURVEY* - Please aid us in formation of one of my new talks. All answers will be anonymous and I will greatly appreciate the help on this matter.


News: April 10th - New African Cichlids

April 8th - New Koi and Goldfish!

April 8th - Fully restocked on Xtreme Aquatic Foods

April 3rd - New Eheim and Seachem products

April 2nd - New Amazonas - The Joys of Nookie!

April 1st - New Plants

March 26th - New Bichirs, Discus, Shrimp, Snails, Bettas, Rainbows and more!



New Shipping and Box rates!! Shipping for Fish and Plant orders have been reduced to $30. Box rates are now $10/box. Free shipping thresholds remain the same.
Our outlet store is open to the public! Hours and how to find us...

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