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**May 23rd** We will be opening the warehouse for limited public viewings during weekends to start. Maximum of 4 parties will be allowed in at a time with no more than 4 people per party.

Curbside delivery is available during outlet store hours or pre-arranged times agreed upon. Pre-payment must be done prior to coming to the warehouse for curbside delivery. For local curbside orders all orders must be sent to from which a quote will be sent back confirming availability and final price. We are currently accepting etransfers and Visa / MC over the warehouse phone line 204-668-2246.



- October 19 - Frozen foods restocked

- October 17 - New Plecos, Corys and Discus

- October 15 - New African Cichlids

- October 14 - New South American fish

-October 13 - New fluff - Tetras, barbs and more

- October 8 - New Plants

- October 3 - New Plecos, Corys and Discus


Our outlet store is open to the public! Hours and how to find us...