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*Dead Fish Order next meeting is with -Jeff Cardwell- Saturday, July 21st. Jeff will be giving two presentations first being on Collecting discus in Brazil and second, Collecting Altum Angelfish in Colombia. Seating is limited so we do encourage getting tickets early before the event is closed. Dinner is included in the 25.00 ticket price as well. First time participants will get a 10.00 discount for tickets. Email the DFO or pick up tickets in the warehouse.

** During Construction of Front parking lot please either park on street, behind our building or the next lot over. We are hopeful the construction will be complete on the front parking area August 18**

News: - Previews of the new warehouse begin February 10th

- August 15 - New Plants

- August 10 - New African cichlids, Rainbow fish and fluff

- July 31 - New Frozen foods - Rotifers, Daphnia and return of Gammarus shrimp

- July 30 - New Amazonas - New Shrimp Sensations

- July 25 - New South American Fish


Our outlet store is open to the public! Hours and how to find us...