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*Updated FISH SURVEY* - We welcome you to participate in an expanded survey after the American Cichlid Association convention. Your answers in these questions would be greatly appreciated towards future development of the lecture!. All answers will be anonymous and I will greatly appreciate the help on this matter. You can access the original survey *HERE*!


*Dead Fish Order Meeting August 30th - Mike Drawdy - Tropical Fish Farming in Florida"- Never been to a gathering before? Ask us in person for a 10.00 off ticket!



News: August 29th - New African Cichlids, Rainbow fish and more!

August 28TH - New Discus, Zebra Plecos, Bichirs, Leopoldi stingrays and more!

August 27th - Frozen foods fully restocked

August 26th - New odds and ends

August 18th - New Plants

August 14th - New Wild South Americans - Plecos galore

August 8th - New colors of LED pods


New Shipping and Box rates!! Shipping for Fish and Plant orders have been reduced to $30. Box rates are now $10/box. Free shipping thresholds remain the same.
Our outlet store is open to the public! Hours and how to find us...

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