Frequently Asked Questions


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Shipping FAQ

Shipping within Canada and to Bermuda

Currently, we ship throughout Canada with WestJet, Calm Air, Fedex and Air Canada. For current rates and availability, please or directly.

Live Arrival Guarantee

Unless otherwise told we offer a full live arrival guarantee. Any claims of DOA must be made within 3 hours of the scheduled arrival of the flight. Airline delays must be dealt with the airline.

Payments we accept

Currently we accept Visa or MC or email transfer. For local customers interac and cash as well

Do we ship year round?

Yes 365 days a year.

Shipping to U.S. Customers

Unfortunately, overnight carriers in Canada do not accept live animals for shipment. We do ship via Air Canada to the US and on certain routes Westjet. It is just important to know your import rules and ideally use a designated port of entry for US Fish and Wildlife. US Fish and Wildlife fees and brokering make this very cost prohibitive on small orders.

Shipping outside of North America/Bermuda

Contact us for availability.