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Why buy fish from The aFISHionados?

First and foremost, I am a hobbyist myself.   Running a tropical fish import business is primarily an excuse for me to obtain copious amounts of fish.  My commitment as a hobbyist with a vast history in the hobby (25 years to date) forces me to maintain only the highest quality stock.  I will never fall into the trap of lower quality, higher profit-margin fish.

My day job, collection trips and speaking commitments allow me to travel to a wide array of locations throughout the world and personally inspect and get to know every exporter and producer I deal with.  I insist on first-hand knowledge of every source, to know and approve of their quality and fish producing tactics.   Numerous times throughout the year I travel and hand-pick orders. I will never apologize for the price of a quality specimen. 

I have a number of places who personally culture fish of my choice to my standards.  On many occasions, this allows me to offer fish exclusively available through The aFISHionados.  I know for myself that nothing is as cool in the hobby as being the first kid on the block with what’s new!

Finally, fish are my life.  Everything I do, be it work, recreation, or even general random thoughts, revolves around my love and passion for tropical fish.  Three times in my life, I have been given the “It’s the fish or me!” ultimatum from long term girlfriends – I am happy to say that the fish have scored a perfect record.   I love nothing more in life than sharing my passion and helping mould more hobbyists to becoming as crazy about fish as me (not to mention adding to the list of spouses who truly think I am evil for what I do to encourage their truly better half’s hobby)!

Any success I have within the hobby, I reinvest into building up new shipping routes, more infrastructure and the ability to help hobbyists achieve the fish of their dreams.   Unlike other sources, your investment in my company will directly benefit you and your hobby in the future.  Together we can keep our hobby open to the limits of our imagination.

Spencer Jack